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Create Interactive Experiences With No Design Skills

  • Access easy-to-use interactivity and animation features that will take your content to the next level.
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Make navigating your content simple with an interactive menu.

  • Visme makes it easy to link slides, pages or content blocks to objects on your canvas for an interactive experience. From images to text to icons, make any object actionable.
  • Create a clickable menu, design an infographic webpage, build an interactive table of contents and more.
  • Embed interactive content on a webpage or share with a public link to give your audience a fully immersive experience.


Allow your audience to participate in the content experience by adding interactive pop-ups and hover effects.

  • Increase audience interest and engagement on your content through elevated interactivity and animation.
  • Provide your audience with more information without overwhelming them by incorporating hover effects or clickable pop-ups.
  • Download as an HTML5 for offline sharing while still keeping all interactive elements intact.


Create personalized interactive content by embedding external content and linking third-party apps.

  • Connect with third-party integrations like Typeform, GIPHY, Loom, Google Maps and more to create personalized content.
  • Embed polls, quizzes, videos and other interactive content into your Visme quickly and easily.
  • Create a central location to hold key information for your team, customers or employees with a presentation, infographic or digital document.


Grab and hold audience attention by adding animated elements into your content.

  • Take advantage of animated icons, illustrations and special effects that level up your visual content.
  • Add animated enter and exit effects to your design elements to create a more dynamic piece of content.
  • Access custom and advanced animation features to create videos, GIFs, dynamic embeddable content and more.

Create Animated and Interactive
Content in Minutes

Creating interactive content doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn how to use Visme’s editor strategically to wow your audience and take your content to the next level.

  • Find a template you love or start with a blank canvas. Fully customize the template or canvas to include your branding and your messaging.
  • Create a clickable menu, table of contents or navigation bar that leads from page to page.
  • Add hover effects or pop-ups that provide more information for your audience to interact with.
  • Personalize your content further by embedding YouTube videos, Loom recordings, polls, surveys, quizzes and more.
  • Animate your design elements so they pop off the page and create a more dynamic look and feel for your content.
  • Share your interactive content with your audience by embedding it on a web page, sharing an online link or downloading as an offline HTML5 file.

Top Types of Interactive & Animated Content to Create

With all of these incredible features right at your fingertips, we’re sure you’re ready to dig in and start creating. But what should you create? To help with your brainstorm process, here are a few top types of interactive content your audience will love.

  • Sales proposals that give your potential client the full scope of what working with you would look like.
  • Lead magnets that collect lead information and provide value all in one.
  • Animated social media graphics that stand out from the feed and capture audience attention.
  • Blog post visuals that help further illustrate your messaging and keep readers on your blog longer.
  • Infographic web pages that allow users to navigate between different content blocks like a single-page website.
  • Short explainer videos that give your audience a clearer idea of your product or service.

Visme empowers teams and individuals to create and communicate more effectively. Interactive and animated content is perfect for getting your message across and engaging your audience at every step of the way..

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